Anutham - The Finest 1 BHK Flats, 2 BHK Flats, & 3 BHK Luxury Homes, Solapur

What is Luxuries Lifestyle?

You always dream of a place, where you would like to enjoy every moment of life, but in your own way. To be satisfied in peace, experiencing the atmosphere of heaven. A dreamland space, that you always been thinking to live in.

It’s nothing but the same thought to enjoy every moment of our unique life. To being joyful & happy feeling the serenity of nature in this fastest world. To be relaxed & feel the elegance of grandeur. A grand welcome to the elite club. Feel the understated warmth of absolute opulence. The aura of having everything and rightfully deserving it, couldn’t have been personified better.

North West Infra presents “Anutham”. The fine crafted 1 & 2 BHK Luxurious Homes at Solapur. Anutham means the finest. A place that carries everything you needed &you always been dreaming of. The Anutham is spread across a grand expanse of “FOUR ACRES LAND”. It is packed with Grace & Class. Located at the fastest developing location of “SOLAPUR” & premium neighbourhoods on another side.

“Come join us to upgrade to the modern luxurious lifestyle.”

What is An Attitude?

The style is an attitude. Minimalism is an attitude. Being different is attitude. So is a home. Anutham is not merely a place to stay. It’s an attitude that makes you distinct in society by what you chose and who you are. Like homes, everything that surrounds them is also thoughtfully crafted. An exclusive “GRAND ENTRANCE” welcomes you to the world of merriment. While entering the gate, the cool breeze of entrance “WATER FOUNTAIN” makes you fresh.

An “ENTRANCE LOBBY” area which makes you relax & gives you “at home” feeling. The living room area is enough to enjoy a grand lifestyle, it spreads across the entry door of the home. The adjoining door that opens up into a “LAVISH TERRACE”. It gives a beautiful view of the outside landscape while enjoying your cup of coffee in the evening.

Children are well raised not only by education but by the atmosphere, extracurricular activities like sports, culture &most important of “Sanskar” passed to that generation by their parents & grandparents. Introducing “SKY INDOOR GAMES“, “CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA” & “VOLLEYBALL GROUND” that will attract you, &your children, too. Being a child with their grandchildren, grandparents will enjoy their golden years. They will help to groom your children to be a good citizen as they were.

What is A Status Quo?

A Status Quo is an Elegant Symbol of your lifestyle. It is like a North Star. A unique shining star among the many in the night sky. Status expresses itself about your attitude. Status makes you a distinct among the many, but a very social too.

Introducing first time in Solapur. A bundle of “UNIQUE MODERN AMENITIES” that you never before experienced. Anutham is a perfect blend of your imagination & our execution of modern day comforts to give you a distinct status quo you always deserved.

“MULTI-LEVEL INTERACTION AREAS” enable you to share & gossip with the neighbours, colleagues and your beloved peoples. Being open in society, where you live.

Property Features

  • Beautiful Landscape
  • Children Park
  • Club House
  • Electric Fittings
  • Flooring
  • Gym
  • Volleyball Ground
  • Indoor Games
  • Interaction Open Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Masonry
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Temple
  • Multilevel Terrace
  • Nana-Nani Park
  • RCC
  • Sanskar Warga Hall
  • Stage
  • Temple
  • Other


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Property Map:
Property Map

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